Description of Merchant Services

By understanding and addressing the unique needs of small and medium businesses, we continue to develop compelling offerings for prospective merchants. Among the services and capabilities we offer are rapid application response time, merchant application acceptance by fax or on-line submission and, as always, superior customer service.

Additional Merchant Services

Merchants who are looking for something beyond traditional card services will find that IPayment Protected has many additional services that can be tailored to meet their needs.

Merchant Cash Advance

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We specialize in offering restaurant, retail and service business a unique funding solution. This is a fast, low-documentation merchant cash advance – even if your credit is less than perfect. We fund your business money for you to use without restriction, and collect a small percentage of your daily transactions. You use the funds to build your business, and we collect from your growth.

  • No up-front fees
  • No three years financials
  • Do not need perfect credit
  • No set payments
  • No colloratal required
  • 90% approval rate
  • Use money without restrictions.

Gift-Loyalty Cards

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We offer a full line of gift and loyalty cards to suit your needs. Gift cards serve to enhance brand awareness of your product while also being an excellent source of additional revenue for your company. Customized with your business name, these cards act as a constant reminder of your brand. Gift cards encourage repeat visits and are often a more convenient alternative to paper certificates.

Loyalty card programs offer the perfect solution for helping to retain your most loyal customers. Loyalty cards reward customers for their purchases, giving them a compelling reason to choose your business over another and keep coming back. They also allow you to track the purchaser’s behavior and capture a customer profile for use in market research.

  • Software supports both gift and loyalty card programs
  • Transactions are live and online with dollar amounts and point balances available from your terminal in real-time
  • 24/7 merchant support is available via a toll free number or via email
  • Web-based reports are available in real-time
  • Gift cards can be loaded for any dollar amount the customer chooses
  • Choice of completely custom designed cards with your colors and logo or choose from a selection of standard card designs where your company name is printed and you can even add your logo
  • Enhance professional image
  • Increase sales. Statistics show that gift cards increase sales 35% over paper

Mobile Phone Processing

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Get paid on the spot from your mobile phone! This service is perfect for those who do business away from the store or office. Now you can get paid on the spot the moment your job is done!

  • Fast and easy
  • Get paid on the spot
  • Process any major credit card
  • Get authorization in seconds/Saves time and money
  • E-mail or text message electronic receipts directly from your phone
  • Key in card information directly into your phone or swipe cards with an optional card reader
  • Credit card information is not stored in your phone – it’s like using a credit card terminal
  • Look professional with our proven technology
  • Enhance your companies professional image

Mobile Coupons

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Mobile coupons are a smart, new way to build customer loyalty and increase sales. The growth in the mobile phone use and text messaging is explosive. You can now reach your customers wherever they are, quickly and cost-effectively. Your existing customer would opt-in to a program that would enable them to receive valuable coupons and specials from your business.

  • Direct marketing to your existing customers
  • Build customer loyalty and increase sales
  • Affordable direct marketing
  • Easy customer sign-up
  • Web landing page to integrate with Twitter, and Facebook
  • Weather triggers, and message of the week offers

Retail Payday 90 Day Same As Cash

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This is a program that is designed for an emergency or home improvement purchase and your customer desires a 90 day payment plan. Now your customer doesn’t have to worry about an unexpected financial crisis. The customer signs up to four checks today and they are deposited over the 90 days at thirty day intervals, but the merchant is given the whole amount today.

  • Dollar amounts up to $1,500
  • Avoids layaway plans
  • Enables client to get the work done today
  • Enables merchants to increase sales
  • The merchant is funded up front, immediately
  • The funds are guaranteed

Check Guarantee

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Our check guarantee service allows merchants to accept checks from out-of town, or out-of-state customers and Canada without worrying if the check will return for insufficient funds. A check guarantee service is a simple and economical way for merchants to increase revenue at their business. The check is approved at the point of sale in seconds and can be electronically deposited into your business account, or safely deposited without fear of being returned for non-sufficient funds.

  • Terminal, phone and internet approval systems
  • 24/7 customer support at no additional charge
  • Accept checks from U.S and all territories and Canada
  • Electronic deposits
  • Approval on business checks
  • Deposit checks without fear of non-sufficient funds

Check Conversion

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This process eliminates the need for merchants to go to the bank to deposit checks. You simply run the check through a scanner which converts the check into an electronic image. The captured image and data are transmitted for clearing and electronically deposited into your bank account.

  • Secure and easy to set up
  • No more waiting in line at the bank
  • 24-48 hour funds availability
  • Speeds up check handling & processing
  • Faster notification on returned items
  • Facilitates better access, storage and retrieval of check
  • Can be set-up for re-curing or monthly checks

Merchant Account Services

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The information provided in the Resource Center on this website is a portion of the IPayment Protected Merchant Agreement. This information is provided as a guideline for merchants on:

  • Proper processing of transactions compliant with MasterCard and Visa regulations
  • Answers to frequently asked questions regarding chargebacks and retrievals and maintaining the merchant account
  • Prevention tips against receiving chargebacks and retrieval requests
  • Receiving the lowest possible discount rate
  • E-mail or text message electronic receipts directly from your phone
  • Navigational tools for information contained in the monthly processing statements and online Merchant Accounting Detail (MAD) reports

addition to the information provided in the Merchant Services Guide, the Merchant Agreement as well as all statement messages and inserts, MAD report alerts, and miscellaneous mailings will provide information necessary for properly maintaining a merchant account. Please feel free to contact our Merchant Service Department at 1-866-729-6369 for assistance on any topic regarding your merchant account.

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