Payment Card Industry Compliance (PCI)

Understanding PCI

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance applies to anyone and any business that collects, transmits or stores cardholder data. IPayment Protected and the iPayment family are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of security. As a sales agent it is important for you to stress the fact that we a working hard to keep their transactions secure, but it is also important for them to do their part by fulfilling their PCI compliance obligations.

PCI compliance is an ongoing and continually evolving process which affects a broad spectrum of businesses including, but not limited to: banks, ISOs, retailers and merchants.

In order to be better educated on PCI compliance, up-to-date on all the latest information, guidelines, trends, best practices and tips, please visit

Fulfilling PCI Compliance

For merchants to fulfill their obligation to become PCI DSS compliant, they are required to take the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and undergo scanning services of their payment network, if applicable.

To access both of these services, they use the following link:

They then enter their merchant account number as their Username and the five-digit zip code and two-character state abbreviation associated with their physical address on their merchant account as their password (example: 91362CA).

If merchants have questions or need assistance during their compliance process, please contact PCI Compliance at (800) 324-9825 or


Username = Your Merchant Account Number
Password = Five-Digit Zip Code and Two-Character State Abbreviation of Physical Address on Your Merchant Account (Example: 91362CA)

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